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Gas Struts Pair 375mm long x 320N Caravan Camper Trailer Tradesmen Tool Boxes


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Gas Struts Pair 375mm Pressure 320N Caravan Camper Trailer Tradesmen Tool Boxes

Gas Struts Caravan Camper Trailer Tool Box Multi Purpose. You can now open or close your Caravan, Trailer or Tool box safely avoiding damage. These gas struts are engineered to industry OEM standard to give you the lift support that you need. Buy with confidence and grab yours from Australia Trusted OEM Parts Seller WGIT Sales - Braumach Supplies

A range of brackets is also available to for your application.

NOTE: May not be forable for larger struts and higher pressure applications.

OEM Standards or better!
That's our guarantee and we mean it, we thoroughly test and improve on our Gas struts to make sure they meet or in most cases exceed the OEM standards. Rigorous testing is done on our whole range of Gas Struts, and continued through to every new batch manufactured.

All our Struts are current stock!
When you buy from us we guarantee your Gas Struts haven't been sitting in a warehouse slowly losing gas, seals drying out and chrome hardening corroding away. We turn over our stock on a regular basis this means your Gas Struts are fresh out of the factory.