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Rear Wiper Blade For SKODA Octavia (For NE) WAGON 2013-2017 REAR


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Rear Wiper Blade For SKODA Octavia (For NE) WAGON 2013-2017 REAR 1 x BLADE

  • Type: Rear Wiper Blade
  • Item: Aero
  • Rear Length: 400mm
  • Supplied: 1 x BLADE

Rear Wiper blade designed to be a direct fit for your vehicle.
Key Features:

  • Excellent Visibility
  • Even Pressure Distribution
  • Manufactured to OEM Specifications for direct fit
  • Full 12 Month Guarantee
  • Low-noise and Smooth Operation

Excellent visibility thanks to even pressure distribution across the blades entire length. Simple and fast installation. Highly resilient natural rubber material performs through all seasons. This Rear wiper offers Improved aerodynamics over conventional wipers for for low-noise and smooth operation. Designed to be contoured for clean front and rear windows regardless of operating conditions.

These are high quality OEM quality blades, using the same exact design, materials, and construction as what you find in cars that comes with these types of blades. They're more aerodynamic, lower profile, and the aero design creates a spoiler effect, which adds downforce to the blades thus improving wipes at highway speeds. Because of the enclosed design, in colder climates, they also greatly reduce ice and snow build up.